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Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Vaesen in Mythic Japan! Ancient Rome! The Old West! Stalingrad! The Wars of Roses! The Crusader States!

Kicking off the OGL explosion

Project: Cassandra and Temples and Tombs, plus ZineQuest 3 and more

Avast there landlubbers! Pirates on the port bow!

The hero's journey: Alex Aguila, from humble beginnings as co-founder of Alienware (!) to the heady heights of writing a competition winning Alien adventure!

A light from the shadows shall spring

The One Ring! A major interview with designer Francesco Nepitello, and Martin Takaichi of Free League. Plus acid splash criticals and electric shocks in Alien.

I am fortune’s fool

What things from 2020 did give one of our prestigious prestigious awards to? Which is the world's fifth favourite TTRPG talk podcast? How do they push their rolls on Verona Beach?

Secrets of the Void be with You, My Friend

How long is this show? You decide! W.I.L.D, Opera House, Dune, Twilight 2000, Nomads and two, count'em TWO interviews with Rickard Antroia. Stop at the end credits fro a spoiler free full length show. Carry on after for bonus spoilers.

You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here

Normal service is resumed? The Dee Sanction, WILD, Dragonmeet, Frozen Inferno and military rank within player groups.

A Fireside Chat

Live (kind of) from our weekend gaming retreat. VTTs, new/old Coriolis, Forbidden Lands battles, and Tales of the Old West

A Gaggle of GMs

Running games at conventions with guests Niclas and Thomas, UPP Battleship Potemkin, plus new Stålenhåg, Conekt, new Feng Shui stuff, Essen and Summer in December

Kantai Kessen

Dave "polishes his sphere" and leaves it in the edit! (Borg Sphere, you dirty minded people.)

Navigating Game Lore (our UKGE 2020 seminar)

Glorantha, the World of Darkness, Rokugan, the Third Horizon. Are you intrigued by long-established RPGs with well developed settings? Have you been excited by fans sharing their love for the fantastic geographies and incredible histories? Or is the complex mythology and enthusiastic fan base off-putting, a barrier to enjoying those richly detailed worlds?

Good luck, you're on your own

Whoo this is a long one, but with added Marc Miller for extra crunchiness! Plus UKGE Virtually Expo; Servants of Memory and T2000 kickstarter success; Gorham's Folly in Alien; Tales of the Old West and five new patrons!

We won, we won, we bloody won!

The Ennies, Millie the GM, Tales of the Old West and Alien's Three World Empire

Trust your enemy to be your enemy, but never trust your neighbour to be your friend

The Union of Progressive Peoples and the Coriolis Calendar, plus Vaesen, Klingons, Albacon and the Mercy of the Icons

Together, We Are One

We look at just some of the creativity inspired by Free League's games, shining a spotlight on the Free League Workshop, plus an interview with, and an exclusive announcement from, Michael Prescott of Trilemma Adventures!

The End is Near

We talk Twilight 2000, Troubleshooters and The Order of the Pariah

Unity is Strength

We talk Darkness Points, take a look the Third Horizon's Free League and interview Stoo Goff about the Gaslight Club

Expansion is Life

A wide ranging Interview with Tomas and Mattis (JH) of Free League, plus more Alien colony stuff, the Third Horizon’s Consortium and our CovidCon report.

Frostbitten in the Beta Reach

Viruses, cancellations, surprise, Alien colonies and Magnus Seter!


Colonists, cannibals and crazy Coriolis con-games. Plus Tales from the Loop and The Gaslight Club

Song to the Siren: Ascent

Returning to Club Topeka triumphant, the crew find things have progressed

I am become Death

We pump Alien RPG loremeister Andrew Gaska for scoops. And get some!

Year Zero Roundtable

In a change to our normal programming co-host Matthew joins Andreas of Sweden Rolls and Matt of Mud and Blood (but don't tell Liam) to talk all things Year Zero Engine

The Circle is Complete

Celebrating the return of the Coriolis IP into the hands of its creators, we interview Mattias Johnsson Haake, newly appointed Game Director of Coriolis

Song to the Siren: Persuasion

Yaphet, Salah and Salem finally persuade Qadim and the community leaders at Club Topeka to agree to an audacious escape plan. But first they need to deal with the cannibals of Salvagetown

Song to the Siren: Intervention

The continuation of last year's actual play. Returning from the ancient spaceship, Yaphet, Salah and Salem are frustrated by the attitude of Qadim's followers.

Name your character if you wish. It will not save you.

Writing Alien adventures and attacking synthetics, Dragonmeet, and Mörk Borg.

Grindbone 2183: The Final

Pa pa-pa pa pa papa Pah! Its the finals! recorded in the PodcastZone at Dragonmeet.

Grindbone 2183: Round 3

The last of the heats. Just two more finalists to select in this Alien RPG actual play recording from Dragonmeet's PodcastZone

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