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Dave's Rendezvous with Destiny

Two! Count 'em, two creator interviews in a little over an hour.

(Not) Far from the Madding Crowd

Woah this is late, like, almost a week late. Sorry! Talking UKGE, Ruins of Symbaroum, The One Ring and Tales of the Old West

Exploring the Ruins

Dave runs The One Ring and learns this new system that might be quite popular - D&D 5e

Licensed to thrill?

Our fifth anniversary episode! We talk about licensed RPGs, including Bladerunner and interview "Evil Genius" Dave Scott

An offer you can’t refuse

A multiverse of gaming news, unexpected excitement over Death in Space, more Money in the Third Horizon (which means less money actually)

Something about the Shire

The One Ring Reviewed! Alien the Colony returns (soonish)! Dredd dreads Dread:Dredd!

New Horizon

Alien! Vaesen! Cornwall! Coriolis! (And a little bit more Alien).

Don't Fear the Reaper

Doctors and Daleks; UK Games Expo; the League of Free Agents and The Last Cyclade

Critical Fail?

Everyday Heroes D20, NFTs, Signal to Noise and more than one fumble...

You Gotta Have Faith

Hearts of Darkness, Xenodragons and Dark Souls, plus first thoughts on a new push mechanic for Coriolis

For one night only, Johan Nohr

Johan Nohr, the graphic designer extraordinaire who changed RPG design forever with Mörk Borg etc., replaces Dave to talk about, well, everything really

Concepts & Philosophies, Who Needs Em?

We review 2021 plus more words from "chairman" Dave

Stick to your principles

A new talent for Coriolis, and a different point of view on Community Content

Community Content Masterclass

Dragonmeet! Salvage Union! Vaesen! and a Masterclass, with the Masters, Nick Brooke and Diana Probst

Matthew's problem with prep

How GM prep is different for Forbidden Lands, plus new Free League Workshop products for Coriolis and Twilight 2000, and Dragonmeet!

Feeling Fulfilled

the kickstarter was funded, the art and writing have been completed, you've seen the proof PDFs and (we're talking fantasy now) the publishers have found a shipping container. What happens next? We talk to GamesQuest CEO Nigel Matthews.

Not Live from Essen Spiel '21

Essen 2021! Plus unionising RPGs, Free RPG Day, Twighlight 2000 fulfilment, Kalymba and Dicebreaker

The Wise Words of Chairman Dave

Fearsome Wilderness! Aegean kickstarter! Black Rose Manor! The One Ring! Plus, designing games.

You know what a turtle is? Same thing

We probe Tomas Harenstam for secrets about the recently announced Blade Runner RPG. Plus news, SLA Industries and further thoughts on Alien's Three World Empire

The Music of the Spheres

Sweden Rolls GM and composer Andreas Lundström. Plus Dee Sanction Adventures, Drakar Och Demoner, and Into the Odd. Oh and Andy.

Power-gaming is Good for the Soul

Why power-gamers are an asset to any table, and what to do when they are not. Plus Steve Perrin and SLA Industries

Blood and Beasts

We interview Swedish fantasy author Erik Granstrom about the current Forbidden Lands Kickstarter Bloodreach and the Book of Beasts. Plus Carbon Grey and, wow, Avatar!

Live (kinda) from UK Games Expo!

Join Dave and Matthew (and son Tom) on a road trip to Birmingham. It also feels as though you are there (and some of you were)

Cold War Goes Hot

We interview Twilight 2000 YouTuber James Langham, and get excited about UKGE

Animal Magic

Genlab Alpha, the TSR dumpster fire (with special guests "the WOTC deep state"), and more

Are you experienced? Take 2

We discuss awarding XP in Alien RPG campaigns, and offer some alternative questions. In the world of gaming: Twilight 2000 on pre-order; Wyrd Science 2 on Kickstarter; and, UKGE. Plus having confidence in yourself.

Back to the Workshop

We delve into the barrel of goodness that is the Free League Workshop once more, and come up with Wolf and Raven, Playing with Goblins and the Hyenas of Odacon, plus the Mythic Japan expansion for Vaesen. Also Marvel's Multiverse and Alien Campaigns

Back To Where It All Began

Because you (yes, you David Taylor) demanded it - a Mutant Year Zero episode! (Though ... not as much MYZ as we promised)

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Changed Stars - optimistic sci-fi, not a million miles from YZE, plus War Stories - gritty YZE World War 2

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