In Sweden No One Can Hear You Scream

The first episode of Effekt comes complete with big news from Free League! Plus Fire in Forbidden Lands, and a brief discussion of our Tales of the Old West project.

00.00.39: Introductions
00.03.48: World of Gaming - Fate of Cthulhu and Ballad of the Pistolero
00.10.32: Fire in the Forbidden Lands
00.24.25:Send us your feedback! (to our new email address)
00.24.55: Support our Patreon
00.27.42: Tales from the Old West
00.34.27: Interview - Tomas and Nils from Free League and their big announcement (it's only bloomin' ALIEN!!!!)
01.10.34: Looking forward to UK Games Expo and going squeee
01.16.09: Goodbye

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