In Sweden No One Can Hear You Scream

The first episode of Effekt comes complete with big news from Free League! Plus Fire in Forbidden Lands, and a brief discussion of our Tales of the Old West project.

00.00.39: Introductions
00.03.48: World of Gaming - Fate of Cthulhu and Ballad of the Pistolero
00.10.32: Fire in the Forbidden Lands
00.24.25:Send us your feedback! (to our new email address)
00.24.55: Support our Patreon
00.27.42: Tales from the Old West
00.34.27: Interview - Tomas and Nils from Free League and their big announcement (it's only bloomin' ALIEN!!!!)
01.10.34: Looking forward to UK Games Expo and going squeee
01.16.09: Goodbye

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Creators and Guests

Dave Semark
Dave is co-host and writer on the podcast, and part of the writing team at Free League - he created the Xenos for Alien RPG and as been editor and writer on a number of further Alien and Vaesen books, as well as writing the majority the upcoming Better Worlds book. He has also been the Year Zero Engine consultant on War Stories and wrote the War Stories campaign, Rendezvous with Destiny.
Matthew Tyler-Jones
Matthew is co host of the podcast, as well as writer, producer, senior editor, designer and all round top dog. He was also been involved a couple of project for Free League - writing credits include Alien RPG, Vaesen: Mythic Britain and Ireland, and Vaesen: Seasons of Mystery as well as a number of Free League Workshop products.
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