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Back to our usual chaos as we present a glimpse of Forbidden Lands, interviews from Dragonmeet (thanks to Kalum), discussion of The Syndicate, a new Talent, and campaign updates.

00.00.38: Introduction
00.04.00: World of Gaming (Forbidden Lands, Symbaroum, Nibiru)
00.13.36: Players in the Hamam, Lloyd Gyan (Coriolis, Symbaroum, Tales)
00.27.38: Nibiru and Federico Sohns
00.47.40: The Syndicate – Are they all bad?
01.02.40: The Spectral Corsair update (a PC death, poison rules, PC crew “power”)
01.19.50: Talent of the Episode – Blood Of Ice
01.26.39. The Mukafa’a Campaign
01.40.00 Goodbye!

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