Community Content Masterclass

Dragonmeet! Salvage Union! Vaesen! and a Masterclass, with the Masters, Nick Brooke and Diana Probst

00.00.00: A special announcement: vote for your favourite podcast (and us) here.
00.01.07: Introduction
00.07.17: Thank you to our new patron: Doctor Weather (Aaron)
00.08.08: World of Gaming: Dragonmeet; Salvage Union (with interview at 00.19.20)  Vaesen - Mythic Britain and Ireland and Seasons of Mystery
00.38.58: Feature - Community Content Masterclass. Check out: The Jonstown Compendium Index; The Dregs and Cups of Clearwine, and artist Kris Herbert. Of course check out our stuff too: The Planetarium; The Calendar; and (not from us but mentioned) the Community Atlas.
01.34.50: Next time and goodbye

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