Not Live from Essen Spiel '21

Essen 2021! Plus unionising RPGs, Free RPG Day, Twighlight 2000 fulfilment, Kalymba and Dicebreaker

00.00.40: Introduction
00.02.56: World of Gaming - Unionizing at Paizo, with a diversion into the price of RPGs and the end of Degenisis; my FreeRPG day haul; Tales from the Loop boardgame on the way; Twilight 2000 and Putrescence Regnant fulfilling now; Dave on Band of Badgers; TOR starter set expected in January; Kalymba Kickstarter; War Stories version 0.5 playtest version coming out to those on the Facebook playtest group.
00.48.11: Feature - Matthew's postcard from Essen, featuring Dicebreaker
01.11.05: Next time and goodbye

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