Blood and Beasts

We interview Swedish fantasy author Erik Granstrom about the current Forbidden Lands Kickstarter Bloodreach and the Book of Beasts. Plus Carbon Grey and, wow, Avatar!

00.40.00: Introduction
00.07.02: World of Gaming: Flying Buffalo sold; Carbon Grey kickstarting; Avatar legends RPG simply blowing everything else on KS away and ushering in a new age of PbtA; James Bond Spectre boardgames announced.
00.29.59: Erik Granstrom interview: Svavelwinter RPG Quickstart available in English from Free League's website
01.05.23: Back Book and Beasts and Bloodmarch here
01.10.49: Goodbye, and may the Icons bless your adventures

Effekt is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.

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