Cold War Goes Hot

We interview Twilight 2000 YouTuber James Langham, and get excited about UKGE

00.00.40: Introduction
00.03.45: Thank you to our latest patron Scott Spieker
00.04.18: World of Gaming: whats going on at Cubicle7? (with bonus(?) discussion and about the merits and otherwise of YouTuber The Critical Drinker); Is The Trove shut down?; The Sight (by friend and Patron Andy Brick) is out for The Dee Sanction; Rogue Trooper supplement, Tour of Nu-Earth 1 by patron, Ben Rogers published for the Judge Dread game. Vaesen and the Dee Sanction up for UKGE awards and they update their Covid regs
00.38.44: Player in the Hamam: James Langham!
00.57.40: Next episode (not) live from UKGE; and Goodbye

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