Are you experienced? Take 2

We discuss awarding XP in Alien RPG campaigns, and offer some alternative questions. In the world of gaming: Twilight 2000 on pre-order; Wyrd Science 2 on Kickstarter; and, UKGE. Plus having confidence in yourself.

00.00.40: Introduction
00.04.00: World of Gaming: Twilight 2000; one of James Langham's T2K videos; Wyrd Science KS; The Siren; UK Games Expo; and more of our stuff including the Coriolis Planetarium
00.26.47: Breaking in - getting published. We mention Frank Graff's excellent work
00.45.45: Alien XP for campaigns: Matthew's take
00.52.01: Alien XP for campaigns: Dave's take
00.55.32: Alien XP for campaigns: Discussion
01.32.41: Next episode and Goodbye

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