The New Seekers

Is the skill set in Alien enough for campaigns? And, after the end credits, who are the Circle of Seekers? (Hmmmmm, maybe we should not have titled the episode after the spoilery bit not everyone will want to listen to ...)

00.00.40: Introduction
00.04.48: Thank you and welcome to our new patrons: Mohamed El Dakak, William Paine and Dean Morrisey
00.07.05: World of Gaming: Free League are Kickstarter champions; Changed Stars KS coming soon; Dune PDF; Twilight2000 Beta; our merch
00.25.20: Tales of the Old West update
00.20.59: Skills in Alien RPG campaigns
00.48.26: Next episode and Goodbye
00.51.23: SPOILER WARNING! WE return to talk about the Circle of Seekers.

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