Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Vaesen in Mythic Japan! Ancient Rome! The Old West! Stalingrad! The Wars of Roses! The Crusader States!

00.00.40: Introduction
00.02.08: Thank you to our new patron: Peter Jenson
00.04.27: A bit of self-promotion - Planetarium: Miran Chain; thanks to everyone who bought the Coriolis Calendar and Summer in December; Alien the Colony; "That's why I am the best GM" teeshirts etc at RedBubble store. 
00.14.58: World of Gaming: Coyote and Crow; Pixel Dice; Terminator RPG; Achtung Cthulhu 2d20; Temples and Tombs KS
00.37.21: Hacking the Engine for History: Dave's manifesto
00.48.56: Hacking the Engine for History: Our discussion with Thomas Boulton - check out his Mythic Japan Vaesen here.
01.55.35: What's coming in two weeks and goodbye

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