Kicking off the OGL explosion

Project: Cassandra and Temples and Tombs, plus ZineQuest 3 and more

00.00.40: Introduction
00.02.51: Thank you to our new patrons: Karl Unde; Rowland A Gault; Arne Sahlberg; Liam Beeton; and "Beskar" Tom Cantwell
00.07.08: A reminder of our competition
  • Choose any Free League game in English
  • Write an adventure for it in English in 1500 words or less (about two sides of US letter paper)
  • Send it to our email by Monday 15th March
  • You retain all the intellectual rights to your work
  • The prize is a £50 (or local equivalent) voucher for Drive Thru RPG
00.09.20: World of Gaming: Alien: the Colony; ZineQuest and Cephalopod: Ocean Home; The One Ring KS, Year Zero Mini
00.22.27: Player in the Hamam: Craig Duffy tells us about his Zinequest 3 game: Project Cassandra, Thomasks streamed game, mentioned in our discussion, will be on his YouTube channel.
01.01.19: Player in the Hamam: Christopher Grey tells us about Temples and Tombs a new game using the Year Zero Engine
01.47.39: what's coming in two weeks and goodbye

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