Secrets of the Void be with You, My Friend

How long is this show? You decide! W.I.L.D, Opera House, Dune, Twilight 2000, Nomads and two, count'em TWO interviews with Rickard Antroia. Stop at the end credits fro a spoiler free full length show. Carry on after for bonus spoilers.

00.00.40: Introduction
00.03.34: Thank you to our new Patrons: panicked sheep, Andy Gibbs and errr one other... maybe?
00.06.33: World of Gaming: W.I.L.D, Opera House, Dune and Twilight: 2000 Alpha
00.35.16: The Nomads: Redux
00.55.07: Writer in the Hamam: Rickard Antroia Interview
01.31.30: Goodbye and end credits
01.32.49: Spoilers in the Hamam: Rickard "Spoiler" Antroia talks about what us GMs do after the *spoiler* events of Mercy II, the Last Cyclade
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