We Do Not Despise The Fox For Eating The Rabbit

Episode Summary

An all Forbidden Lands Episode - Party PCs, Redrunners and Riders, and a postponed interview.

Episode Notes

00.00.39: Introduction
00.03.07: World of Gaming – UK Games Expo; The Grindbone Challenge comes to Gothcon; Ruin Masters goes for Forbidden Land's Neo-traditional market; Eloso Forlag is to produce a Swedish edition of RuneQuest.
00.12.30:"Party PCs"
00.37.05: The Redrunners (and Riders)
00.48.12: A promised interview does not happen (but I am sure Nils would like us to plus the latest Symbaroum kickstarter anyhow)
00.48.30: We talk about next episode and say goodbye

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