Talking With Our Friend Nils

Episode Summary

Our postponed interview with Free League’s Nils. Plus a discussion on ship repair in Coriolis, and some exciting news.

Episode Notes

00.00.39: Introduction
00.04.07: Discussion: Alternative ship repair rules for Coriolis
00.15.26: Nils calls in from Sweden

  1. Gothcon and the Grindbone Challenge 2
  2. Swedish Coriolis Atlas
  3. UK Games Expo
  4. A secret new project
  5. Open Gaming License
  6. The first Fria Ligan Symbaroum kickstarter
  7. More Forbidden Lands books
  8. Mercy of the Icons - "it might split the fanbase"
  9. Editions in other languages

00.43.03: We make an announcement about the future of the podcast. Our URL will be www.effektpodcast.org and there be a change to our title. Though we have not yet officially launched the Patreon, its URL will be https://www.patreon.com/effekt if you want to take a look. we briefly talk about dogs and holidays, and editing before we realise the mics are live and say goodbye.

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