Ravenland Tales: A Ruby for Hroka - Part 4

Episode Summary

"So, we're not GOING anywhere, then?" - Gormer

Episode Notes

Dangerous journeys! Epic battles! Fearsome monsters! NONE of these feature in this episode, as our heroes turn a gryphon's roost into a home.

No, we don't make you endure the cleaning out of gryphon sh-... manure, but you will THRILL as they argue about money! SMILE as they decide upon a name for their stonghold! TREMBLE as they risk a blister, chopping wood! be INSPIRED, as they build a boat! COWER in fear as they give somebody called Vincent a Hard Stare!

Ravenland Tales is brough to you by Effekt, with Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Typeface is Duval Outline by Paul Lloyd. Music is The Forbidden Lands by Alve, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.

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