Ravenland Tales: A Ruby for Hroka - Part 7

Episode Summary

Attacking the Rust Brothers

Episode Notes

With their band of hired muscle at their backs, Gormer sneaks into the Rust Brother Toll station to reconnoiter.

Lets be honest here - combat does not make the most thrilling listening, even if at the table, its exciting for the players (and sometimes it isn't even exciting for them), but with Forbidden Lands the combat is, at least, short.

Then comes divvying the loot - such as it is.

We might have edited the action, maybe added some sound effects, but it has always been our philosophy to present the game as played, to reveal the pauses while we look up rules, and decisions we make, as players and GM, as well as characters. We don't want to be Critical Role - we are sharing our home games, inviting you as listener to sit with us round the table.

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