Woe to the man whose heart has not learned - to hope

Episode Summary

We talk mostly about getting ready #Dragonmeet2019 including a trip to Grindbone 2183. Also we tell why you should be playing Things from the Flood.

Episode Notes

The reviews are in!

“Effekt is the only patreon I pay into and the only reason I even have a patreon account”  - a backer

“Meaningless drivel” - his wife

00.00.38: Introductions and thank you to our Patrons
00.02.22: World of gaming - Haunted West; 10 Workers United; and, Vaesen!
00.10.36: Alien Correctional Detention Colony G71b ”Grindbone
00.17.19: Dragonmeet - we discuss all the exciting things we will be doing
00.31.47: Why play Things from the Flood
00.46.17: Next episode, and goodbyes

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