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Episode Summary

Top tips for running Alien from around the world, especially for Alien fans new to RPGs. Plus more details about #Dragonmeet

Episode Notes

00.00.40: Introductions and thank you to our Patrons, including #Dragonmeet GM Jonathan and Neil
00.04.42: World of gaming - Dragonmeet - we discuss all the exciting things we will be doing (and not doing), including a panel with Darker Days Radio plus Vaesen and Mutant: Heirs of the Apocalypse.
00.23.05: Doug’s top tips, pre-prep, and finding a group
00.38.57: Anjuli's top tips, preparation and session zero we mention MTG's Consent in Gaming tools
01.00.35: Toby's top tips, getting the horror right
01.15.03: Phil's top tips, actually playing
01.34.20: Next episodes, and goodbye

See you on the Free League stand, or the #PodcastZone, at #Dragonmeet!

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