Alien - Hope's Last Stand, Part 1

Episode Summary

In a special UK Games expo bonus we bring you the first (?) Alien RPG actual play.

Episode Notes

Dave and Matthew are sitting down even as this goes live to start running taster sessions of the Alien RPG on the Free League stand at UK Games Expo. Not everyone who wants to at UKGE will be able to play, and of course most of our listeners probably can't get to Birmingham, so here is a special gift.

In preparation for the taster sessions Dave and I ran Alien for our home groups. I ran Chariot of the Gods and didn't record that (spoilers), but Dave ran a couple of the sessions that we are going to be running at UKGE. Its only on a single omni-mic and in a pub, but I have cleaned up the audio and it sounds pretty good. Listen to this and it will be just like* being there!

And if you like what you hear you can pre-order the Alien RPG here, and please check out our Patreon

*not at all like